Episode 17 – Exploring Sales with Adam Brooks



This interview with Adam chats about every angle of selling and he also shares his personal career journey and learnings:

  • From working in Prisons, to selling beer, working in telcoms to Selling Expert
  • What are the problems people first encounter with selling
  • How important it is to explore your identity and relationship with selling and money
  • Activity by itself is not going to work
  • Mindset of a high performer
  • Its not all about the pay-cheque
  • The importance of building relationships so the customer does the closing for you

Useful links

How to contact Adam

Website  http://www.salesacademy.uk.com/

Social channels for Adam



Ben Bruton-Cox the guy behind these podcasts and a brilliant videographer www.brutoncoxvisuals.com

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My email for questions you may have or you would like me to answer on future episodes sandra@sandrawebbercoaching.com

My coaching website www.sandrawebbercoaching.com

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