Corporate Career in Banking to Relationship Coaching with Olga Frankow



Olgas interest in helping others improve the relationship side of their lives began from her own failed relationship in her 20’s

She recently made the brave move of leaving a corporate job in finance to focus on her Relationship Coaching business

We also talk about how burn out and stress can impact relationships and her passion for improving her own performance in the area of public speaking.

Reach out and connect Olga via her website above or directly

Olga is active on Linkedin and instagram where she is easy to find with a unique name

Teacher or Police Officer – Angus Brereton






This interview with Angus we talk about how he knew early on he needed to find a career with people due to his extroverted personality!

Angus is passionate about what he does teaching primary school children and sees a long term career in this profession

We talk about a project he is involved with to bring biology alive with an organisation called who make interactive teaching tees

Reach out to Angus via Twitter @BreretonAngus

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